• May 20, 2022
mostown credit card

The perks of owning an MCP credit Card

Previously, credits and debts were considered a bad habit. Credit card discounts and offers available in various places have altered this mindset. Credit cards are a great way to spend and, at the same time, save money in the form of discounts and cash-backs. They also offer exclusive premium memberships to clubs, hotels, and resorts they have partnered with.

MOStown credit cards are one such beneficial cards that give you access to the elite Henderson club community. Club memberships are growing and are seen as a sign of prestige. It also comes with great perks like exclusive member offers, discounts, and cashback.

MOStown discounts

MOStown is short for Ma On Shan Town Mall, one of the biggest malls in the city that houses some of the reputed chain stores and restaurants. The reputed Henderson club developed it. Hence, owning an MCP credit card has many advantages. Also, mcp credit card discount offer are outstanding.

Perks of a MOStown credit card

  • You can avail great discounts on food and restaurants
  • Exclusive entry to events and celebrations. You can attend member-only events and festivities and enjoy great food, entertainment, etc.
  • Privileged property visits and offers if you are looking for property.
  • We have extended parking hours with no restrictions.
  • Henderson is a very trusted club, and everything they offer is of top-notch quality.


Now save when you spend and enjoy your shopping and dining experience at MOStown using the mostown credit card discount offer. Be a privileged member of the Henderson club.