• December 13, 2020

Variety, the Spice of a Business Analyst is Life

Part of the Reason Some people still struggle with what it means to be a Business Analyst is because it is a really varied career by definition. Business Analysis is described very clearly from the IIBA® BABOK® manual, and yet, if you read this manual, you may agree that there’s enormous scope for a Analyst to perform a vast array of things with their professions. So let us take a look at a few of the aspects which produce our careers so varied and intriguing.

All businesses have BAs.

Business Analysis Applies to any organization large or small and in any business where there’s a kind of business need that requires a business solution. Business Analysis is analyzing the company needs and facilitating the translation of need to a business solution. Whilst a BA, you select where you want to operate, and you may keep it interesting by moving between businesses every couple of months or years.

Business Analysis can live on top or the bottom of the corporate ladder.

Enterprise analysis is More often performed by seasoned BAs; as a consequence, this is a career goal that you will need to work towards. It does nevertheless exist as a very interesting and challenging analysis role at the top end of the corporate ladder. This makes Analysis more varied, as it is one of the few professions where the identical set of skills could be implemented in both senior and junior roles. The sole difference is the level and kind of business problem will be more conceptual than physical in the top end as opposed to at the base end.

Analysis can be fluffy and feel great, or very technical and detailed: which are you?

Some BAs are naturally Gifted in talking business needs in a language that business stakeholders actually understand. These BAs are excellent at speaking with those stakeholders about their business needs in terms what they want to accomplish, or what they are not achieving. The ecba certification Business Analyst can then interpret these necessary business benefits into business requirements which can subsequently be recorded as part of a proposed answer to the problem. Then on the opposite side, some Business Advisors enjoy the specifics and the details surrounding fantastic business requirement definitions. These Business Advisors are good listeners, excellent documentation specialists, and can be relied on to support their counter-part Business Advisors who talk the talk. Your strengths and your choices will determine where you fit, and bear in mind that both kinds of Business Analysts perform their roles equally well.