• May 9, 2022
ux design

Is Ux research the same as Graphic Design?

Graphic design and UX research and design deal with the look of a website or an application created for user consumption. While graphic design is about the aesthetics of the site, UX design is about how interactive it is, and it aims to improve the user experience on the site. It relates to the technical aspects of the sites, along with its competence with similar sites in the market.

What is UX design

ux design is brief for User Experience Design on a digital platform. It aims to enhance the experience of a user on your website. They research the product, user interactions, user feedback, and what impresses them the most and create a user-friendly platform.

It is a business strategy to convert clicks into leads. The more pleasant the user experience, the more likely they become customers. Therefore, they aim to market the product based on customer research and data analytics.

The Functions of a UX designer involve

  • User Research
  • User Data insight
  • Data analytics
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Usability testing
  • User Research techniques
  • Prototyping

You need not be a coder to do this. Some basics of coding would be good enough.


So, a graphic designer is like an artist who designs a website based on aesthetics, visual appeal, and creativityui ux research involves understanding the user and making the platform serviceable to them besides being visually appealing. Therefore, the Job of a graphic designer is limited, whereas UX designing is multi-disciplinary.