• May 17, 2022
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The need for an Intelligent Manufacturing System

With population increase, consumer goods consumption has also increased. To match the demand, supply chains are working all day across the world. Manufacturing will not go out of need with the current growing trend. Therefore, to get the maximum output, it is imperative to integrate all the sections of the manufacturing process and devise intelligent solutions for all the problems faced by the manufacturing units.

intelligent manufacturing systems are created for this purpose. This helps organize the workforce, the machines, and the process in a digital system. A manufacturing system involves inputting data and processing the data to identify the most cost and time-effective process and bring the desired output. Let us understand the elements of an Intelligent Manufacturing system.

Elements of an Intelligent Manufacturing System

  • Intelligent Design

Designing products that reach the customer maximum while reducing the cost of production relies on an excellent, intelligent design.

  • Intelligent Process Planning

This is where the majority stake of the system lies. Process planning involves computer-aided manufacturing to get a sustainable and balanced output. This process includes inventory management.

  • Intelligent Quality Management

Quality management previously dealt with inspection through inspection or customer feedback. It has evolved into a holistic approach with sampling plans, cause-effect knowledge, experiments, and risk analysis.

  • Intelligent maintenance and diagnosis

This deals with improving the longevity of the machinery in various units. The best practices are identified and put to practice. The problems or discrepancies are identified and rectified immediately.

  • Intelligent Control

It is to have a central navigation system that controls all the processes happening across various units from an integrated unit.

  • Intelligent Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling revolves around allocating and sequencing various processes across different manufacturing units.


An intelligent manufacturing system enables large companies to integrate the process happening in various manufacturing units spread across the globe to be under central control and have unified yet localized solutions for the problems, hence gaining the best outcome possible if you are looking forward to scaling your organization or branching out into different locations in manufacturing, set up a system with the help of erp system hong kong.